Opening hours

Opening hours Achot Hakopian 0 h 26 min

Opening hours

  • Monday                 10h – 13h          13h30 – 19h
  • Tuesday                 10h – 13h          13h30 – 19h
  • Wednesday           10h – 13h          13h30 – 19h
  • Thursday               10h – 13h          13h30 – 19h
  • Friday                    10h – 13h          13h30 – 19h
  • Saturday                10h – 13h          13h30 – 19h
  • Sunday                  Closed


All treatments are by appointment. You can contact the secretary on +32 (0)2 311 54 18 The times are posted this page.


We take emergencies during office hours. Please call us beforehand so we can judge the severity of your emergency and book you a convenient appointment. Outside of our opening hours, we exclusively recommend Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, available at 02 764 16 02.


In case of cancellation, we ask that you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. If you do not not cancel 24 hours in advance, a fixed fee will be charged by way of compensation. Releasing your appointment on time may benefit someone else.