Varsik Hakopian : Orthodontist

Varsik Hakopian : Orthodontist Achot Hakopian 1 h 20 min
Varsik Hakopian : Orthodontist in Brussels

My name is Varsik Hakopian, and I am an orthodontist at the iDent Clinic in Brussels in the district of Ganshoren near Wemmel.
My name isn’t very common. Indeed, I am Armenian. I know Brussels well because I lived and grew up here from the age of 10.

I graduated in 2013 with a distinction (magna cum laude).
During my studies, I immediately developed an interest in orthodontics that required patience and exceptionally precise work. It was undoubtedly the discipline and the desire to aspire to perfection which allowed me to end up top of my class.
Thanks to this, I could take part in the examination which gives you access to the orthodontics profession. Having successfully passed this competition, achieving top place amongst all of the candidates, I trained at the Erasme Hospital in the Anderlecht area.

During these years of training, I was also given the opportunity to work in the Laboratory of Anatomy and Embryogenesis in the faculty of medicine. My work involved investigating a possible link between tooth number anomalies (tooth agenesis) and its hereditary nature in patients from the same family. I remember this period as an interesting and rewarding intellectual experience because in my current practice it has enabled me to manage more complex and specific orthodontic cases.

I am also specialized in more specific orthodontic techniques, so that I can provide the best possible treatment to the patient. I practice discreet orthodontics (with ceramic brackets), lingual orthodontics (with the brackets glued to the inner surface of the teeth) and orthodontic techniques using aligners Invisalign. By offering a wider choice, I am able to satisfy the most discerning of requests.

What I particularly like about my job as an orthodontist is the positive influence that a change to a patient’s smile can make to their social and private lives. We should never forget the self-confidence that can be acquired by having an exceptional smile. Playing a part in this change and supporting the individual during his or her daily life are incredible rewards for me in my profession.

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