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Incognito Lingual orthodontics in Brussels

Lingual orthodontics using the Incognito method is based on the use of gold alloy metal plates which are entirely tailor-made and placed on the inner surface (and therefore invisible) surface of the teeth. This technique allows optimal treatments for all positional anomalies that require orthodontics to be carried out.

Indeed, more and more adults are benefiting from orthodontic treatment. A very large number prefer an invisible or almost invisible treatment because they are seeking an effective solution without any aesthetic drawbacks. However, more and more teenagers are demanding a more aesthetic solution and lingual orthodontics remains an attractive option.

What are the advantages of lingual orthodontics using the Incognito method ?

Lingual braces are not visible to the people with whom you interact, so there is no aesthetic drawback. Indeed, even when the braces are made of white ceramic, they are still visible when attached to the external faces of the teeth. With the Incognito method, everything is on the non-visible side of your teeth, thereby ensuring maximum discretion.

With conventional treatments, there is a slight demineralisation of the enamel during removal of the orthodontic device where the veneers have been bonded. Indeed, this area is no longer in contact with saliva, so it results in demineralisation and causes a whiter area. The Iingual orthodontics technique eliminates this problem, as the lingual surface of the teeth is more resistant to demineralisation and is not visible.

The braces are made entirely from gold alloy and are customised and adapted to your mouth : they contain the key information for your treatment. Their precise position in your mouth, as well as their exact shape and thickness, will have been fully investigated and calculated to guarantee the most effective treatment as fast as possible with the least inconvenience.

Before starting lingual orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to make an accurate impression of your mouth with a highly accurate material. A complete analysis of your case is undertaken and all the requirements of the treatment are recorded and forwarded to the laboratory for making the braces. The impression is then sent to Germany to the specialist laboratory which manufactures a made-to-measure model of your teeth.


Before manufacturing the braces, the laboratory designs a model of the final result that will be obtained after orthodontic treatment. At the iDent clinic, this final result is obtained in digital format using high-performance software. Analysis of the results is therefore much faster and more accurate. The end result achieved must be validated by our orthodontist and by you. If the final result is not appropriate for one reason or another, changes are undertaken using the software, and a new digital model will be requested from the laboratory. When the final result at the end of treatment suits you and has been validated by our orthodontist, the laboratory is given approval to start manufacturing the braces.



In the laboratory, a high-resolution scanner will scan the 3D model obtained from your teeth. Using different perspectives and different angles, the 3D scanner will generate a complete 3D image of your teeth. The result of the scan is a digital representation of the teeth.


Specialised software is used to design the made-to-measure braces. This process starts with the creation of bases that are entirely customised to fit the anatomy of the lingual surfaces of your teeth. Thanks to the high accuracy of the scanned digital model, these brace bases fit your mouth perfectly.

Following the creation of the base, the technician will select the most suitable brace body. Indeed, the height, angle and thickness are specifically chosen to contain the information required to obtain the final result. It is now that all the aesthetic aims established at the validation stage are incorporated into the Incognito braces.



Replicas braces are created with the help of ultra-modern machinery. Then, a gold alloy is deposited onto these replicas, which melts onto them and adopts their shape. The gold alloy plates are then individually polished so they are soft and will not irritate you.


In addition to the benefits already mentioned, special braces can be created to overcome an anatomical problem or fulfil a specific need.


Yes, they have been proven in the treatment of all types of malpositioning.

The system is suitable in principle for dental corrections at all ages: children, adolescents and adults. Please ask your orthodontist. Incognito devices are particularly suitable for people who do not want their braces to be visible for professional and aesthetic reasons.

Incognito orthodontic treatment devices are entirely tailor-made for your teeth. Their gold alloy design necessitates many steps that require the use of ultra-modern equipment in order to achieve a perfect and tailor-made result. Right from the start, everything is designed to provide the most optimised treatment possible with the least possible inconvenience. The result is a treatment that is more expensive than a simple, standard set of braces.

With a little practice, oral hygiene can be quickly mastered.

Improvements in the position of the teeth are visible after some time, mainly because the Incognito braces allow you to see the outside faces of the teeth.

At the iDent clinic, we choose to work with a more expensive company, but we are confident of the results. This design and the search for perfection in your treatment explains why the price may differ from estimates obtained elsewhere.

The inner surface of the teeth is more resistant to demineralisation, so lingual devices are considered less aggressive to teeth.

Ask your orthodontist for more information about Incognito invisible devices. Your practitioner has obtained a specific certification so you can ask him or her.

Fitting Incognito devices requires special training, in which your orthodontist acquires the skills needed for successful treatment with the Incognito system.

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