Discreet orthodontics

Discreet orthodontics

Discreet braces

Discreet orthodontics aims to provide a more aesthetic alternative to conventional metal braces. The metal braces may indeed be an impediment, both socially and professionally.

“Transparent” braces are becoming increasingly popular for patients who want less noticeable braces during treatment. Today, ceramic braces are one of the “aesthetic” alternatives to metal plates.

To this end, the 3M laboratories have improved conventional ceramic braces with their new aesthetic ceramic Clarity ADVANCED braces.
Thanks to their research, ceramic Clarity ADVANCED braces are almost invisible in the mouth and their small size ensures greater comfort.

What are the advantages of ceramic Clarity ADVANCED braces compared to the alternatives ?

Reduced size and comfort with rounded corners (thanks to a unique technique involving the injection of ultrafine ceramic grains) to reduce any irritations and friction with the soft tissues (cheek, lips, etc.)

A translucent material that blends with the natural color of your teeth, being almost invisible.

Discreet orthodontics is a unique system that can be easily used by your orthodontist. The braces are pre-bonded APC. Thus the installation is faster, easier and optimises adhesion.

These braces, although aesthetically pleasing, are still visible. It is possible to go one step further than discreet orthodontics and to use truly translucent or even totally invisible methods.

For the most dicerning patients, there are more elaborate solutions that will give you total aesthetic satisfaction :

> Lingual orthodontics using the Incognito technique : tailor-made metal braces are then stuck on the internal faces of the teeth and are not visible. This has all the benefits of orthodontic treatment with none of the aesthetic drawbacks.

> Orthodontics with Invisalign transparent aligner : these are transparent aligners that you wear every day. Each aligner gradually re positions your teeth. A change is made about every 2 to 3 weeks.


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