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If you or your child plays a sport where violent contact may occur, it is essential to wear a MOUTH GUARD ! A mouth guard is essential to avoid any damage to your teeth.

Role of mouth guards :

  • Reduce the risk of loss / breakage of teeth
  • Reduce the risk of jaw fracture
  • Reduce the risk of soft tissue injury

We draw your attention to mouthpieces that are for sale in sports shops or online.

These cheap mouth guards need to be adapted by the purchaser. They are bulky, inaccurate, low resistance and do not fit properly into your mouth. Some even restrict speech and breathing during exercise. They are “not recommended”.

At iDent Clinic, we create a tailor made mouthguard, guardadapted exclusively to your jaw and customisable. These custom-made mouth guards do not restrict you during your sporting activity, allowing you maximum enjoyment of your sport.

A highly accurate impression of your upper and lower jaw is taken.

These impressions are then sent to the company which fabricates the mouth guard, taking into account the sport you play, to give you the best protection.

Finally, we fit your mouth guard to check for comfort and good retention.

Your mouth guard will meet your specific requirements providing maximum protection during your hobby whilst not restricting your breathing or speech.

Maintenance is easy: after use, just wash it with soap and water.
Keeping your mouth guard in the special box provided, when not in use, is strongly advised.


Take care of your smile. You deserve it.

Our greatest satisfaction will be your positive feedback on the confidence that a beautiful smile can give you.
Increasing your confidence and self-esteem is priceless.