Quentin Dasnoy - Dentiste Spécialisé en Prothèse à Bruxelles

Dentist Specialized In Prosthetics

Master Of Dental Sciences 2012

Assistant at the Queen Fabiola University Hospital (H.U.D.E.R.F.)  2013-2014

Specialization in prosthetic techniques at AZ-VUB University Hospital 2014-2015

My name is Quentin Dasnoy and I’m a Generalist dentist in Brussels, in the Ganshoren area near Wemmel. I was born in Etterbeek in the city of Brussels, where I spent my childhood.

I started playing the violin at age 7 because I was extremely interested in music. I found it fantastic to be able to practise for hours and produce a result that we would never have hoped to get at first.
I completed my secondary education at College Saint-Michel Etterbeek specialising in Latin and Greek, and it was during my final year that I knew I wanted to do a job related to medicine. I followed this vocation by enrolling at medical school. However, I decided to stop after the first year because I found that there weren’t any manual or technical aspects that I was particularly enjoying. So, naturally, I then headed for dentistry. I performed well in the final year, which allowed me to obtain my degree and achieve the title of Master of Dental Sciences.

After my graduation, I decided not to stop there. With my own ambitions in sight, I enrolled at AZ-VUB University Hospital in Jette for academic year 2014-2015. It was a very rewarding experience because I was able to learn new prosthetic techniques with renowned professors. I also met dentists from other countries, like England and Portugal, with whom I could share a lot of knowledge and with whom I have kept in touch.
I also wanted to improve myself in an area that is perhaps less well-known, but equally important: caring for children. I then worked for two years as an Assistant at the Queen Fabiola University Children’s Hospital (H.U.D.E.R.F.) in the Jette area in Brussels. I picked up some very rewarding tips about psychological approaches to use with children, and about more specific technical treatments in children’s dental care.

When I’m not practising dentistry, I love spending time with my family and with my German Shepherd, Jax.

I love my generalist dentist business, because by seeing patients from all kinds of backgrounds, I can help them, via their sometimes special requests, to improve their lives, and create irreplaceable memories.