Dental Implant

Dental Implant

Implantology in Brussels

The iDent dental clinic implements a patient-oriented approach, designed to improve their masticatory comfort while also improving aesthetics. The team of practitioners at the iDent Clinic is accustomed to adapting dental implants according to the needs and requests of the patient, making their experience at our practice as pleasant as possible.

At iDent Clinic, you will be surrounded by highly skilled and experienced professionals who have the attention to detail needed to fit high-quality dental implants here in Brussels. This ensures the patient obtains a long-lasting result in terms of implant resistance, as well as an aesthetically-pleasing result.

When do you need dental implants ?

  • Do you sometimes feel self-conscious when you are talking, smiling or laughing ?
  • Do you have one or more teeth missing, possibly due to an accident ?
  • Have you reached an age where you can no longer eat properly due to missing teeth ?
Dental implant in Brussels - iDent Clinic

If you answered YES to one of these questions, please keep reading this presentation regarding our dental implants in Brussels.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of a titanium screw that is inserted into jawbone, giving a good grip in the mandible or maxilla. In medical technology, the effectiveness of a dental implant using titanium or a titanium alloy has already been proven and it has turned out to be a biologically adapted material, since it is compatible with the tissues.

It consists of three parts: the implant, the abutment and the crown which is screwed into the other two structures. Once these components are joined, they form a prosthetic tooth which has been adapted according to the patient’s anatomy.

In the case of the absence of one or more teeth, the dental implant may permanently replace the missing teeth.

We work exclusively with Straumann Roxolid SLActive, the most reliable brand in the field. This choice was made on the basis of scientific studies and research carried out in the field of implantology.

Indeed, there are thousands of brands of implants and some brands are much more reliable than others, since patients acquire very limited knowledge about dental implants and thus become victims of deception.

This is one of the reasons why we advise against “low cost” implants which could cause problems after a few days, months or years, depending on the quality of the implant and the experience of the practitioner who performed the procedure.

iDent Clinic has chosen the Straumann dental implant system, which is renowned for its reliability and outstanding quality, as documented in numerous scientific studies.

After a complete analysis of your smile and the aesthetic criteria required, the procedure of fitting the dental implant can be carried out under local anaesthesia.

Our periodontist, who specialises in implantology, will first analyse the bone level and choose the correct implant type. The fitting procedure is painless and generally lasts between one and several hours depending on the number of implants to be fitted.

Due to the variables and possible combinations in dental implantology, it is not possible to specify a single price.

Each case is unique. This is why we have to first assess your medical and dental situation, taking into account your aesthetic and functional requirements. After a thorough examination of all the data (bone volume, transplant requirement, sinus lift), we can estimate the price required to have the benefit of a high quality result. You can then be sure you obtained an optimal and customised treatment plan.

The step that requires the most time in the process of dental implantology is the one that follows the insertion of the titanium screw into the bone. There is a necessary period of waiting for the fusion of the implant with the jawbone. This waiting time is shortened by the use of Straumann Roxolid SLActive dental implants: the healing period of 6 to 8 weeks is reduced to 3 to 4 weeks. You will be asked to be patient and take time to rest to enhance the healing process.

The recovery process requires a given timeframe, which depends on several parameters. The iDent Clinic professionals will of course be available to inform you of all the precautions to be observed.

In the first few days after surgery, you should carefully follow these instructions:

  • Gentle and effective oral hygiene
  • Avoid anything that could lead to infections
  • Eat soft foods
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 24 to 48 hours

Why did we choose the Straumann implant ?

In order for the treatment to be as efficient as possible, and for you to be assured of a quick and painless recovery, we have to implement a continuous monitoring process, until we obtain a final result which is as flawless as possible. This entails two main aspects that we emphasise when we choose the materials which we will work with :

1 – The success rate of the osseointegration of the dental implant. This step follows the implant placement, and is when the implant fuses to the jawbone. If the implant fuses perfectly into the bone, we rate it a success and we are therefore eager to know the success rate that the use of a material entails. The Straumann Roxolid SLActive dental implants have the highest success rate : 99%.

2 – Lifespan : this means estimating the number of years for which the dental implant will remain functional in the mouth, without aesthetic and masticatory defects. With Straumann dental implants, we are sure we have chosen quality and long duration.

To conclude, iDent Clinic in Brussels focuses on quality dental implants, in order to provide high quality workmanship, in order to meet the needs of patients who wish to invest in an aesthetically pleasing and healthy mouth.
Our team of professionals is constantly listening to our patients to ensure lasting satisfaction.


Take care of your smile. You deserve it.

Our greatest satisfaction will be your positive feedback on the confidence that a beautiful smile can give you.
Increasing your confidence and self-esteem is priceless.