General dentistry

General dentistry

Indulgence for body and mind

A full dentistry service means you no longer need to visit several practices for different aspects of your treatment. It also means fewer dental appointments because clinicians at the iDent clinic can combine different procedures if necessary. Therefore, a full dentistry service allows you to save time while providing the highest possible level of dental care.

We attach great importance to preventive care and education for our patients. We hope to provide you the highest level of dental care : personalised care which is gentle, efficient and professional. We hope you will find our practice atmosphere warm, friendly and calming.

Here are the general dentistry services we provide :

You will receive a detailed and accurate quote for each specialism.


Take care of your smile. You deserve it.

Our greatest satisfaction will be your positive feedback on the confidence that a beautiful smile can give you.
Increasing your confidence and self-esteem is priceless.