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Orthodontics is the dental specialism which corrects malocclusions and jaw misalignment in order to optimise the position of the teeth and jaws. This search for alignment means an exceptional profile and smile can be achieved while optimising the occlusion (the way your teeth come together when you bite). Orthodontic treatments apply light forces to the teeth in order to reposition them and achieve perfect alignment and a harmonious balance between teeth.

Besides aesthetics, these treatments allow improved chewing, speech, breathing and swallowing. Indeed, poor positioning of the teeth can make brushing more difficult, lead to cavities and compromise gum health.
It is advisable to consult your orthodontist to see if treatment may be needed.

For an accurate diagnosis, a preliminary orthodontic examination is necessary. This involves taking x-rays, moulds and photographs. After analysing all this data, a treatment plan is drawn up.
Orthodontic treatment can begin during childhood (from the age of 5), adolescence or adulthood (it’s never too late). However, early correction can prevent more severe complications and facilitate any subsequent treatments. Moreover, a balanced smile helps build confidence, increasing quality of life.

Dental braces for correcting tooth misalignment :

Our orthodontist will discuss the most suitable personalised treatments for you.

The first orthodontic appointment is fully reimbursed for children under 15 years. 

Our Orthodontics clinic in Brussels carries out treatments at any age. Nevertheless, you should be aware that movement of root canal treated teeth is less predictable.

As with any medical treatment, there is a minor risk with orthodontic treatments. An exhaustive list will be given to you before any treatment begins.

Every patient is unique,which means any orthodontic treatment offered must also be unique.  In addition, the price of a dental brace varies according to the type of device chosen : metal, ceramic, lingual, Invisalign aligners, etc.

It is therefore not possible to answer the question exactly; however, it would cost between 1800 and 7000  to receive the complete treatment.

Codes of dental ethics give patients complete freedom in their choice of dental practitioner. It is therefore perfectly possible for you to change your orthodontist in certain circumstances :

1° We ask you to tell us about the type of braces used by your previous orthodontist (by asking your previous orthodontist and/or sending a photograph of your braces). Indeed, it is possible that our orthodontist may not work with the same system which as a result makes it incompatible with our treatment. In such cases, only completely removing the old system and fitting a new device will allow us to continue treatment at our clinic.

2° Provide us with a signed statement declaring that you do not have any type of outstanding payments with your previous orthodontist.

3° Send us your dental records, as well as any X-rays that have been taken. Otherwise, to make a precise diagnosis of your case, we will need to redo the X-rays, which may not be reimbursed by insurance.