Maxim Debel : Periodontist

Maxim Debel : Periodontist Achot Hakopian 17 h 43 min
Maxim Debel : Periodontist in Brussels

My name is Maxim Debel and I am a periodontist at the iDent dental clinic which is located in Brussels, in the municipality of Ganshoren. I am French-Belgian since I was born in Ghent, I then completed my secondary education in the south of France and finally returned to Belgium to undertake my higher education.

I graduated as a dentist from the Catholic University of Louvain before passing the periodontal examination. This accomplishment enabled me to attend the exclusive, specialist training programme in periodontology for a 3-year training course at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc.

Throughout these years of dental and periodontal training, I became interested in the histology (microscopic anatomy) of the tissues surrounding the teeth. It is undoubtedly this interest that made me specialise in this field of study that I am so passionate about. It was during this period of specialisation that I became interested in implantology and the management of pre-implant extractions.

What I appreciate most about my job is the precision required to perform meticulous technical procedures, working with dentists/orthodontists who undertake work both before and subsequent to that which is carried out by the periodontist, and the satisfaction of being able to preserve and create a patient’s smile.

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