Dental Implant

Dental Implant

Implantology in Brussels

The iDent dental clinic implements a patient-oriented approach, designed to improve their masticatory comfort while also improving aesthetics. The team of practitioners at the iDent Clinic is accustomed to adapting dental implants according to the needs and requests of the patient, making their experience at our practice as pleasant as possible.

At iDent Clinic, you will be surrounded by highly skilled and experienced professionals who have the attention to detail needed to fit high-quality dental implants here in Brussels. This ensures the patient obtains a long-lasting result in terms of implant resistance, as well as an aesthetically-pleasing result.

When do you need dental implants ?

  • Do you sometimes feel self-conscious when you are talking, smiling or laughing ?
  • Do you have one or more teeth missing, possibly due to an accident ?
  • Have you reached an age where you can no longer eat properly due to missing teeth ?
Dental implant in Brussels - iDent Clinic

If you answered YES to one of these questions, please keep reading this presentation regarding our dental implants in Brussels.