Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Would you like a brighter smile?

Teeth whitening in Brussels is the solution you are looking for.

Teeth whitening consists of lightening your teeth by one or more shades in a simple and quick process.
The whitening agent acts on the surface of the tooth, on the enamel and the dentin which is located under the enamel.

A bleaching gel is placed into a transparent, custom-made tray.
This gel penetrates into the tooth and break the bonds between the “coloured” molecules that are present.
The gels we use also contain potassium nitrate and fluoride to strengthen the enamel and reduce sensitivity.

Dental whitening operation - Brussels - iDent clinic

The active ingredient (carbamide or hydrogen peroxide) enters through the enamel to reach the molecules that are responsible for colour inside your teeth and alter them.

How teeth whitening works - iDent Clinic in Brussels

Oxygen molecules provided by the active ingredient break the bonds of the molecules responsible for the colour change.

How teeth whitening works

Oxygen molecules diffuse through the tooth and thus act on all of it.

Le prix d’un blanchiment dentaire à Bruxelles, dans la clinique dentaire iDent est de 450€.

Ce prix comprend l’empreinte optique de vos dents, la confection sur mesure par un laboratoire de gouttières de blanchiments ainsi que les produits de blanchiments.

The result obtained is very stable. Nevertheless, new colouring molecules that you come into contact with will tend to gradually recolour your teeth.
So how long it lasts will depend greatly on your lifestyle (smoking, tea, coffee, food).

To retain optimum results, it may be necessary to undergo a lighter bleaching every 2 to 3 years.

No harm has been demonstrated by the scientific community when the appropriate products and techniques are used.